In this passage, we deal with a few difficult verses to interpret. Jesus explains the timeline and necessity of John in words sometimes harder to understand.
In this passage, we look at John the Baptist's expectations of Christ. When even faithful servants of God place wrong expectations upon Jesus Christ, they will be disappointed.
In this message, we look at Christ's promise of reward for those who serve the Kingdom and glory of God, even in the smallest possible capacity.
In this message we look at God's use of unrighteous people, who are made righteous by Christ, and then rewarded graciously by God for being part of the Kingdom.
We can be confident and encouraged to know Jesus identifies with our word and mission.
In this passage, we see Jesus tell us how to live, by dying. Without the death that sacrifice, self-denial and service to the Kingdom of God brings, we will not…
In this passage, we look at Paul's discussion of the resurrection and why this matters to us.
In this passage, we see Christ require self-denial and self sacrifice from His disciples. These are core traits of the Christian life that we have to model, as our Savior…
God commands us to love Him in a worthy way, something only possible through Christ.
Jesus comes specifically to bring division and destruction, before He institutes peace.
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