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Lincoln Community Bible Church was blessed to be the sending church for a medical missionary and his family to Haiti for three years.

We also have supported missions in the Philippines for over two years.

We been involved in supporting Gethsemane International, a children’s ministry, in Africa.  Please visit the Gethsemane International website and consider support for this important mission.

Africa – Gethsemane International

Gethsemane International exists to rescue orphans from poverty and create godly homes for them. All children need a loving mother and father to teach them the truth of Jesus Christ. Our philosophy is based on the Biblical model of family. We follow God’s blueprint for raising godly adults. We are committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the only message of love and truth that is able to provide lasting hope to children who were once orphans without hope. Gethsemane International is not an orphanage or an institution. We create homes. Our homes provide a set of godly home parents and a number of siblings. The children learn about love, responsibility, kindness, confidence, and acceptance by being a part of a real family structure.

Gethsemane provides a permanent solution to the plight of poverty. We invest holistically into our children’s care by providing education, teaching practical life-skills, and nurturing both emotional and physical health. We recognize that nothing is more permanent or eternal than the love of Jesus Christ for the children who were without hope.

To support the Gethsemane International ministry please click here