Pastor Jay Newland
– The Book of John –
Chapters 1-4

John 1:1-3The Word of God who is God10/13/13
John 1:6-13Man’s Depravity and God’s Grace10/27/13
John 1:14-18The Nature & the Impact of the Incarnation11/03/13
John 1:19-28Christ Is Everything11/10/13
John 1:29-34Behold the Lamb, the Son of God11/17/13
John 1:35-51We Have Found the Messiah11/24/13
John 1:43-51Come and See the Savior12/08/13
John 2:1-11Jesus’ First Signs12/15/13
John 2:12-17The Righteous Anger of Christ12/29/13
John 2:18-25More Lessons from the Temple Cleansing01/05/14
John 3:1-3Salvation is not for Religious Pharisees01/12/14
John 3:3-10The What’s and Why’s of Being Born Again01/19/14
John 3:11-15The What’s and Why’s of Being Born Again02/02/14
John 3:16‘God’s Love’ and ‘Faith Alone’02/09/14
John 3:17-21Sent to Save02/16/14
John 3:22-30He Must Increase02/23/14
John 3:31-36The Supremacy of Christ03/02/14
John 4:1-14The Woman at the Well – part 103/09/14
John 4:15-26The Woman at the Well – part 203/16/14
John 4:26-42An Urgent Call to Evangelism03/23/14
John 4:43-54A Royal Official’s Faith03/30/14